W.D. Farr Scholarship

2016-17 W.D. Farr Scholarship Winners 

Brittney Bullard is a Ph.D. student in the meat science program at Colorado State University. She was raised in Santa Maria, CA, and her first introduction to agriculture was through 4-H showing beef cattle and other livestock. She currently lives in Wellington, CO, with her husband where they have found a love for Northern Colorado and hope to raise a family. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Animal Science from Cal Poly as well as a Master’s degree in Animal Sciences from Colorado State University. Her research focuses on pathogen reduction in beef systems as well as improving beef quality. She hopes during her graduate and professional careers she can make an impact on the beef industry in Colorado as well in the rest of the country to live out W.D. Farr’s legacy of improving the industry and mentoring young leaders of the future.

What do you think was W.D. Farr’s most important trait?

I think it is difficult to pick one trait that was W.D. Farr’s most important trait. Mr. Farr was an advocate for improving the beef industry, a mentor and leader for his community as well as a great family man. His positive impact on the industry, active role in the community and devotion to his family are admirable traits that we all should strive to achieve.

Megan Webb, a current graduate student at South Dakota State University, began her involvement in the beef industry on her family’s Angus operation in Burlington, WV. Over time, their farm became vertically integrated and turned into a meat business. Megan remains involved in the operation by assisting with processing plans and youth FFA projects. At the state and national level, she has conducted Checkoff-funded research ranging from consumer beef flavor preferences to marketing, calf management and fetal programming. Her complementary dissertation targets understanding consumer responses to beef raised with and without common production technologies (antibiotics, implants, beta-agonists) with the goal of gaining valuable economic, marketing and consumer messaging techniques to improve brand differentiation with a sustainable perspective. By being innovative, Megan believes she can help others improve their agricultural enterprise and offer consumer transparency in the retail case. 

W.D. Farr’s most important trait?

Mr. Farr’s ability to be both innovative and capable of constructing an infrastructure to support his vision made him a pioneer.  This vision is what I admire the most which offers society a prosperous future with continuous resources.  Mr. Farr was a legend in his era and his efforts have supported his community, entrepreneurs, and agriculturalists.  His leadership and drive for success put an everlasting mark on livestock production.

2017-18 Applications Now Open

The National Cattlemen’s Foundation is honoring the successful career of the late W.D. Farr, of Greeley, Colorado, through two annual $12,000 graduate scholarships bearing his name. Farr, a third generation Coloradan, pioneer rancher, statesman and banker was known for his extraordinary vision. His dedication to improving agriculture, livestock and water development resulted in significant changes in farming methods that have influenced the practices of ranchers and farmers throughout the nation.
The W.D. Farr Scholarship is national in scope and will be awarded to two outstanding students pursuing graduate degrees in animal science, environmental science (water) or agriculture. The winner of the scholarship will be strongly encouraged to participate in NCBA activities. The students must also reflect a drive for success and leadership in the tradition of W.D. Farr.
Scholarship winners will be announced at the 2018 Cattle Industry Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, and will be encouraged to attend. Expenses will be paid including conference registration, airfare (if applicable) and hotel accommodations.

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Questions with application requirements, please contact ncf@beef.org and for customer service contact 888-258-5628.