About Us

Our Mission

The National Cattlemen's Foundation is advancing the future of the beef industry with passion and urgency.

We do this by:

  • Providing scholarship opportunities to inspire young people to pursue careers in agriculture
  • Offering a means for people to invest in the beef industry’s legacy and lifestyle 
  • W.D. Farr Scholarships—Two $15,000 graduate scholarships awarded annually honoring the life's work of the late W.D. Farr of Greeley, Colorado.  
  • Environmental Stewardship Award—Recognizes cattle producers who have made long-standing contributions to the preservation of our natural resources. Annual national and regional winners representing all areas of the country.



The National Cattlemen's Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible and will support the mission and programs of the Foundation. Individuals, corporations and foundations are encouraged to contribute to the National Cattlemen's Foundation. 

Areas of Strategic Focus

The areas of Strategic Focus of the National Cattlemen’s Foundation are as follows:

Legacy Preservation – We can take a leadership role in the exploration of solutions to save the rural lifestyle that is so important to those who live it. The transition of the family farm/ranch from one generation to the next is critical. Another area of concern is healthcare in rural areas in terms of access, cost and quality. The National Cattlemen’s Foundation can help bring information benefiting cattlemen to the forefront.

Environmental Stewardship – The Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes the outstanding stewardship practices and conservation achievements of U.S. cattle producers. For nearly two decades, regional and national award winners have been honored for their commitment to protecting the environment and improving fish and wildlife habitat, while operating profitable cattle operations. The Foundation can support the need for continuing education in this area.

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"I believe we are at a similar point that the late W.D. Farr was 35 years ago when his vision directed us to move forward with the National Cattlemen’s Foundation. The next 35 years will be as exciting as the past. We want you to join us on this valuable journey in preserving the cattlemen’s legacy."

Bob Josserand
Former Chairman Board of Trustees