History & Overview

The American Cattlemen’s Foundation was first organized in 1972 with the stated purpose of providing “Charitable, scientific and educational activities to benefit the cattle industry”. The foundation was later renamed the National Cattlemen’s Foundation (NCF).

NCF had three presidents:

* W.D. Farr of Colorado – 1972 – 1983
* W.F. (Dub) Martin of New Mexico – 1984 – 1986
* Don Williams of Oklahoma – 1987 – 1989

In 1990 the president title was changed to chairman, at which time the board was also expanded to include all past presidents. Since that time the Foundation has had three Chairmen:

* Don Butler of Arizona – 1990 – 2002
* Bob Josserand – 2003 - 2009
* John Lacey - Chairman - 2010 -- Present

The first major project of the NCF was the collection of funds for a new NCA headquarters building, started in 1980 and completed in 1982. Current NCF projects include awards such as the CME Beef Industry Scholarship, W.D. Farr Scholarship, Beef Industry Vision Award, Environmental Stewardship Award Program and educational programs such as the National Beef Quiz Bowl contest.