Brand Wall


The Living Legacy Wall displays cattle brands of members and associates of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. Each brand is cut from 3/8" steel plate by a noted Denver area sculptor and welder.

He carefully transfers the brand and torch cuts each by hand. He then treats each with special formula of chemicals adding red, brown and blue-black to the surface, giving each brand a unique coloration and patina evocative of age and weathering. The artist then coats each with polyurethane to preserve the color and finish.

The art is then mounted to a suede covered board. A plaque with the name of the brand, ranch, state and year of registration completes the display. Each piece is 12" x 12" when hung in the gallery of brands that make up the Living Legacy Wall.

Make your brand a piece of history by adding it to the Living Legacy Wall! By adding your brand to the Living Legacy Wall, you are making an unrestricted, tax-deductible (please consult a tax professional) gift to support the National Cattlemen’s Foundation in advancing the future of the beef industry through scholarships, research, and education. The Living Legacy Wall will be located in the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association headquarters.

To place your order, download this order form and send your check to NCF.

Questions? Call us at 866-233-3872

*Order two and one will be sent directly to you while the other will be displayed in the halls of the NCBA office.

Art design & coordination by Hilary DePolo, Visual Arts Consultant