Ariel Overstreet - Adkins
Ariel Overstreet - Adkins

2014 Winner

University of Montana Law School

About Ariel

What are you doing now? I am heading into my third and final year at the University of Montana School of Law. I am focusing my studies on property, land use, natural resource, and water law. This summer, I am working as an intern at the Montana Water Court which is in charge of adjudicating all of Montana’s pre-July 1973 water right claims. 

How did the W.D. Farr Scholarship help you achieve your goals? By helping to make my student loan debt much more manageable, the W.D. Farr Scholarship has allowed me to pursue my interests at law school so that I may become a great legal advocate for farmers and ranchers. Knowing that my friends in the cattle industry support my efforts has been a constant source of encouragement in the face of a challenging and rigorous law school curriculum.  

What is your advice for student to be successful? Work hard but take care of yourself. How can you help others if you can’t help yourself first? Also, seek out opportunities to become a better leader. Even if you don’t ever see yourself being *the* leader, leadership skills make a difference at any level, in any group of people, and in any field of study. 

What do you think was W.D. Farr's most important trait? I think W.D. Farr’s vision coupled with his leadership abilities, especially in the development and conservation of Colorado’s water resources, were his most important traits. He was an innovator who has left an incredible legacy and example for the rest of us to aspire toward.