Jennifer Schutz
Jennifer Schutz

Colorado State University

2010 Winner

About Jennifer

What are you doing now?  Currently, I work for ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc. as the Loomix® Liquid Supplement Specialty Product Manager. 

How did the W.D. Farr Scholarship help you achieve your goals? Receiving this scholarship is truly one of the largest honors I have achieved. The W.D. Farr Scholarship allowed me the opportunity to meet key individuals in the beef industry that I still contact for business. I continue to proudly maintain my NCBA membership and I attend almost every NCBA meeting. Receiving this scholarship truly motivates me to continually contribute to the beef industry that I truly love and proudly spend my life working in.    

What is your advice for student to be successful? Find your purpose. In order to be successful students must figure out what inspires them and build a career off of that foundation. It seems simple yet it is one of the most challenging things I have seen students struggle with. Sometime people can get caught up in the “it” jobs, those jobs that are perceived as being the highest paying, most glamorous jobs. I believe, the job that will be the most fulfilling to the individual person is the job that best magnifies their strengths and builds their confidence in those qualities that would be described as their weaknesses. 

What do you think was W.D. Farr's most important trait? Mr. Farr’s most important trait was that he was a visionary. His perfect balance of conversation policies regarding the Big Thompson water project blended with his implementation of year-round cattle feeding truly make him one of the most inspiring cattle feeder, businessman, and dreamer our industry will ever have. Reading the book “W.D. Farr, Cowboy in The Boardroom” gave me incredible insight into just have special this man was. “Always a better way” is a motto we could all live by.