2020 WD Farr Winner Luke Fuerniss

Luke Fuerniss

Texas Tech University

Fuerniss earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animal science from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo., and is now pursuing his doctorate. Through research with major beef processing plants and feedlots he is learning about the challenges and complexities of cattle and beef markets. From corporate feeders and managers, as well as consulting nutritionists, Fuerniss seeks to better understand the management needed to promote cattle efficiency, handle commodity risk, strengthen relationships with packers and build effective teams.

Fuerniss hopes to expand his professional skills and knowledge of the beef industry to better contribute as a future leader and problem solver. Funds from this scholarship will support his continued education by enabling him to travel to beef industry meetings and pursue certifications in ultrasound and embryo transfer. His long-term career goal is to build feeder cattle procurement programs that maximize resource use efficiency and promote consistent growth and carcass composition.