Rebecca Acheson
Rebecca Acheson

Texas Tech University

2010 Winner

About Rebecca

What are you doing now?  I work for Tyson Foods as a part of the Operations Support team for the beef and pork side of the business. My responsibilities include improving the companies understanding of carcass composition to help increase utilization and drive business decisions as well as implementing new technologies to improve process flow and product quality. 

How did the W.D. Farr Scholarship help you achieve your goals? In order to make an impact, it is essential to understand the industry’s challenges and opportunities. As a result of the scholarship, I was able to interact with beef leaders which increased my understanding of industry issues. This knowledge combined with the technical skills I gained through graduate school has helped me achieve my goal of creating progressive solutions that address these concerns and have a positive effect on the beef supply chain.  

What is your advice for student to be successful? As a student, your primary responsibility is to learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Assist with other student’s research projects, even if the project is outside your research interest. These experiences are invaluable. You never know what questions may come up in your career and these experiences will make you a well-rounded employee which will lead to future success. 

What do you think was W.D. Farr's most important trait? He was a visionary leader. He had the unique ability to analyze an existing system, determine the opportunities, and implement novel practices that created value while inspiring others to do the same.