Sandra Gruber - 2007
Sandra Gruber

2007 Scholarship Winner

Colorado State University

About Sandra

What are you doing now? 

I am a Research Scientist – Global Beef Research and Development, Elanco Animal Health.  My primary responsibility is designing studies that demonstrate the efficacy of novel animal health products for use in feedlot cattle.  

How did the W.D. Farr Scholarship help you achieve your goals? Thousands of people are faced with student loan debt when they complete their educations, and pursuing advanced degrees increases the likelihood that you’ll need financial assistance.  The W.D. Farr scholarship lessened the financial burden of earning a graduate degree, and I feel grateful for the assistance as I listen to friends and colleagues discuss their attempts to pay off this debt as they begin their careers and families.     

What is your advice for student to be successful? Don’t be afraid to do things outside of your comfort zone.  Always be open to new opportunities; some of the best experiences you will have, will be the ones you didn’t plan for.  

What do you think was W.D. Farr's most important trait?